We have been awarded a grant!

This is the good news we have been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!

grant announcement

NSW is one step closer to having community-owned wind and solar farms following funding announced today by Environment Minister Robyn Parker.

Ms Parker said that nine community groups across the state have been awarded a total of $411,000 to set up projects that will generate clean energy jobs, return profits to local communities and provide environmental benefits.

“The seven solar and two wind farm projects are located across the state and showcase innovation, leadership and commitment to renewable energy,” Ms Parker said.

“One of the biggest barriers facing groups setting up a community-owned renewable energy project is a lack of finance for planning and feasibility studies.

“The NSW Government’s investment means that these community groups can develop their ideas for projects that will help to make their communities more environmentally sustainable and energy self-sufficient.

“Funding these projects will help NSW reach the goal of sourcing 20 per cent of our electricity from renewable resources by 2020.”

Ms Parker announced the funding at the launch of the Clean Energy Council’s community engagement guidelines.

“Community support is important to the success of any major project. Community-owned and developed projects offer clear lessons for the renewable energy industry.”

One of the projects to receive funding, Switched On Solar, will use their $50,000 to research the best way to turn the de-commissioned solar power station at White Cliffs into a modern community asset.

Project coordinator Ms Enid Black said that the community hope to re-open the power station using state of the art technology to generate cheaper power for White Cliffs residents.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to combine new, cutting edge techno logy with the conservation of a historic power site that pioneered solar power in Australia in the 1980’s,” Ms Black said.

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