In order to meet the niche interests of our members, we encourage the establishment of subcommittees to which members can directly input their expertise under the following guidelines:

  1. New subcommittees are always welcome and members simply need to contact the Chairperson to float their idea to the Executive Committee
  2. If agreed, the Executive Committee will set up the subcommittee and appoint a convenor or co-convenors
  3. A subcommittee must have at least two members to make it viable
  4. Subcommittees may meet at any time they wish, either in person or virtually
  5. Subcommittees are invited to report to the Executive Committee at its monthly meetings
  6. Subcommittees may wind up at any time with the agreement of its members and the Executive Committee

Here’s the list of existing subcommittees, some info and the contact person if you are interested in getting involved:

Outreach and Education Subcommittee

Design and conduct presentations to community groups such as Progress Association etc, seminars, public meetings, U3A courses etc on renewable energy issues. Convenor: Gregory John Olsen Esq [email protected]

Interaction with Central Coast Council (CCC) Subcommittee

Engage the Central Coast Council to support the uptake of solar PV etc on Council buildings and collaborate with Council on community energy initiatives in our LGA.  Co-convenors: Jo Muller, [email protected], and Gregory John Olsen Esq, [email protected]

Engagement with Local Industry and Commerce Subcommittee

Interact with local industry bodies and chambers of commerce to promote renewable energy with their members with the view to assist in any transition away from fossil fuels to a renewable energy future.  Co-convenors: Alex Stewart, [email protected], and Judy Clark

Media Subcommittee

Create media releases, seek media coverage and promote the work of CCCE via all media platforms including newspaper, radio and social media.  Convenor: Alex Stewart, [email protected]




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