Wind farms produce clean energy, generate jobs and income in
regional areas and have minimal environmental impacts, when
appropriately located.

Wind energy currently supplies less than 1% of NSW’s electricity needs.
However, NSW has good quality wind sites with higher wind speeds than many
European wind farms. Wind farms currently proposed for development in NSW
would increase renewable energy consumption in NSW from 6 to 19% (based
on total electricity consumption in 2008).

Wind projects take a long time. The first community wind project, Hepburn Wind, took about 8 years from the formation of a working group to the first generation of electricity to be fed into the grid. After hydro power, wind energy is the lowest cost renewable energy. Because of many constraints it is often difficult to find suitable locations for wind turbines.

A good place for wind turbines could be along the F3. It is in parts along the ridge of the plateau and promises good wind conditions. The noise level from the freeway will make any noise generated from the wind turbine inaudible.

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