Welcome to renewing your membership.

(In case you are not 100% sure if you had been a member in the past, just keep going and make sure that your full name is on the transaction, and we can sort it out.)

You can pay the fee via Paypal or credit card

– or click the green button at the bottom of this page for other options

(This will provide you with the membership form to fill in your details. We will then get back to you and give your our bank details for direct debit). 

please select correct option

If your payment is not through a Paypal account or a credit card in your name, you need to let us know by entering your name under delivery/shipping address.


If you do not want to pay using Paypal or credit card, you can just fill in the membership form. We will send you an invoice with our bank details.

Renwal (without using Paypal)


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