This Website is calling on the federal government to establish a $50 million grant program to support the development stage of community renewable energy projects.

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“By signing this petition you can help make community energy a reality. We have lined up meetings with Liberal and Labor politicians in June and we want to take your support with us!”

Community-owned renewable energy projects cut carbon pollution and bring new life to regional and rural Australia. Most importantly, they pave the path for an Australia powered by renewable energy that’s owned by everyday people, not big energy companies with vested interests in fossil fuels.

The solution is simple: a new fund to help projects through the difficult early stages – from inception, feasibility studies, planning approval, all the way to becoming investment-ready. For example, experts estimate as little as $50 million could support at least 75 projects to the investment-ready stage over the next 4 years. Support now could kick-start the community-energy sector and unlock over $500 million in community investment.

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