Members, Committee and Sub-Committees

We had a good presence at Woytopia with our stall and our talk.

Members: today member number 49 has signed up! Not bad for an organisation which is just 9 weeks old. Talk to your friends and colleagues. The more we are, the more weight we have in discussions with council.

Committee: We have 2 vacancies in the committee which we will fill at our next meeting this month. Members who are interested in joining the committee are asked to hand in a short description of their background and experience and about how they can contribute. ( [email protected] )

Sub-Committees: As we have a lot of work to do, we are asking our members to help out and join one or more of our five sub-committees

  • Development of a Pilot Project
  • Preparation of Co-operative
  • Work on Financing
  • Help to raise Membership
  • Investigate Technology



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