last meeting


We had again a good turn-up at our meeting with more than 20 people, many of them new, and we also had a large number of apologies from people who could not come to this meeting.

At the meeting we did the hard and boring work of working out the necessary amendments to the standard constitution for an incorporated association in order to find the right structure for what we have in mind.

The good news is that we got the whole lot done!

Monday or Tuesday I will send the draft for the amended constitution out to each of you.

A number of people have difficulties attending a meeting on a Thursday. We will try to find a more suitable day, most likely Tuesday.

From now on we will meet once a month. Please let us know if there is any Tuesday in the month which does not work for you.

We will soon publish the place and date for the next meeting. At this meeting we will adopt the constitution and elect the committee and office bearers.

This is our part of the action. After that the paperwork will be sent to the Department of Fair Trading, and in due time we will become an incorporated association with the name:

Central Coast Community Energy Association Ltd

Once all this has been done, we will be a legal entity, which will allow us to start talking to the councils of Gosford and Wyong, to government departments, to residents and to industry in order to work out the best way to go ahead.

And finally, please give feedback (to [email protected] ) about our web page , if you like. It is still pretty much work in progress, and it will evolve. With your input it can become better faster.

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