An unexpected honour

Last week I attended the end-of-year meeting of CEN, the Community Environment Network. To my great surprise I was called up and presented with an award.

It is tradition that at this event several prices for achievements within the framework are handed out using titles borrowed from cricket (to indicate that caring for the environment is a team effort).

Receiving the award was a very humbling experience, especially as at the same event the main award was given to Tim Silverwood, the initiator of take 3, an organisation which I hold in high esteem and which I try to promote where I can.

And last not least, not bad to become a rookie when you are 60!

And finally thanks to you all. Without followers of the web site, paying members of the association and the hard work of the committee members, I would just have been a one man show.


Thank you and I share this award with all of you!






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