We are planning to establish five sub-committees in order to spread the workload of our organisation as much as we can. This will also give all members the opportunity to be  engaged and to help making our vision come true.

Pilot Project

Project manage a mid-scale solar PV array

  • Deal with Council or building owners
  • Negotiate electricity contracts
  • Save ratepayers money and reduce CO2


Design the best co-op structure for our community

  • Number/price of shares
  • Social inclusion
  • Links with co-operatives worldwide
  • Legals & administration


Raise funds for renewable energy projects

  • Federal, State and Council grants
  • R&D investments
  • Private sector/venture financing
  • Fundraising & Sponsorship
  • Crowd-financing


Reach our target membership number

  • Design graphics
  • Public lecture series & Events
  • Media strategy
  • Member discounts
  • Communications
  • Social Media


Solar, wind and hydro technology updates

  • Investigate future business ventures
  • Prepare educational resources
  • Help people understand renewable energy




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